Don’t ye just love winter sunsets

I never ever get sick of visiting these benches in Leyburn, Wensleydale. The view towards the horse racing town of Middleham is majestic.

If you ever want to visit these Benches you can do so by parking in the town square. Then head towards the Bolton Arms and look for signs that direct you to the ‘Shawl’.



  1. Good to see these pictures Paul, this bench is where a Polish friend sat when she visited, I’ve sent her the link, and she says she may well post a bench from Warsaw, one that plays Chopin on demand. I’ll chase it, if it doesn’t appear,

    Good to meet you again, and your wife,

    Beat wishes to you both and the site,


    1. Hi Stan
      Meeting yourself upon the Shawl was a total pleasure you showed both Janet and myself so much in the couple of hours we were together. I am sure we will meet up again soon and thank you again for your excellent company.
      Paul & Janet

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