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  1. Hello Paul.,
    Imagine my surprise when my grandson Joss bought me your book for Christmas. As I looked through it and found my favourite bench ‘Bobs Seat’ on the Cleveland Way between Scugdale and Swainby it made me smile with happiness. . You see Bob was my lovely husband of 37 years when he died suddenly in 1993, his friends asked if they could place a seat in his memory.
    Bob and I spent many a happy, usually Friday evening relaxing from our work, myself as a teacher and Bob as a shipyard joiner walking this part of the Cleveland Way path to ease away the pressures of the week. We would take a carrot for the old horse in a nearby field, sit and chat and watch the sun, when it was out dip below the Cleveland Hills. On his death I found my solace there.
    When his friends Trevor Turner [a joiner who made his seat], Jack, Dennis and Tony [known in their local as Last of the Summer Wine,] financed the seat which is made of Oak. I contacted Lord Inglby to ask if I could place it there. He wrote me a letter not only agreeing but arranged for his estate manager to transport it from Swainby to its present position. Overlooking the distant hills towards Carlton.
    It has developed a history, a squirrel had planted an acorn in my garden, and when requesting could I plant it was immediately offered once more the labour to transport and plant it. Myself, Mary[Trevors wife a dear friend, of 70 years] spent some timing planting wild bluebell bulbs under the tree. Which can be seen in your photograph on the right hand side.
    It, the seat has had its moments, stealing the commemoration plaque, replaced by Trevor. It was stapled into the ground, but this did not stop someone trying to steal it. Luckily Trevors workmanship and the fitting by Lord Inglbys men surpassed all the efforts.
    We as a small walking group have and up until recently taken our rest or lunch at Bobs seat, and passed on its early history to the local walkers.
    I still find quiet respite and a time for thinking there, as do some of the family and friends. A seat of memories.. Until recently it was cared for by his friends and myself but due to age a friend who is a local joiner has repaired and maintained it for me. I wonder sometimes how many years it may survive with its memories. Hence I have sent your book to the family and friends so they will not forget.
    Thank you Paul for making this possible.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. I was overjoyed when your Joss messaged me to tell me about Bob’s Bench story. The photograph was sent to me by a Twitter friend called Snazzlepants who lives local and who often jogs that way. I tried to contact you on Facebook but that didn’t work but when things get better I would love to visit Bob’s Bench with you and maybe have a natter and take some more pictures.
      It’s a small world Sheila and you have a wonderful grandson x

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