A Favourite Bench with such lovely memories

The other day I posted this photograph of a Bench that stands in the grounds of St Mary’s church in Whitby. I’ve always liked this Bench because of its views across the harbour and out into the North Sea. What I didn’t know at the time was that this Bench was also a favourite of Janet Bullimore and her late husband.

Happy memories

Janet Tweeted :- My husband has recently died, and during his last hours we talked about this bench. We have sat on it over 40 years and planned our life, shared our life, lived our life. And now he is gone, and I shall return alone, with him in my heart.

I’m so glad I posted my favourite Bench in Whitby 😊


  1. Hello, I was recently reading the Yorkshire Life article about favourite benches and knew as soon as there was reference to St Mary’s Church exactly which bench was being described, even though there was no picture. This was confirmed on checking out your website. This is also mine and my husband’s favourite…each time we visit Whitby, and for every night we spend there, we climb the 199 Abbey steps to sit and look out across the town, harbour and view to Sandsend. In fact I always take a picture of this view, from the same spot, and so have the view in all seasons and all weathers. It is truly magically. Since we are lucky to have a second home in Whitby there have been many, many visits, and we have a sense of anticipation as we get to the top of the steps…will it be free or will someone be on our bench…

    1. How lovely. I would love to see some of your photos. At the moment I’m getting together 100 Yorkshire Bench photographs to publish a book for Christmas with the editor of the Dalesman Magazine…. Its all exciting

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