Wavey Jim’s Bench

Wavey Jim’s bench was erected in memory of Jim Robson. 
Jim was a lollipop man (Crossing Warden) for 18 years ensuring the safety of hundreds, if not thousands, of children on their way to or from Clover Hill and Parochial Primary Schools and needing to cross Broadway in Whickham south of Newcastle on Tyne.
He learned the names of the children and always greeted them or sent them on their way with a cheery wave, hence his nick name “Wavey Jim”.
He was a member of Prudhoe Gleemen Male Voice Choir and could frequently be heard singing through the Choir repertoire.
After he passed away in 2018 the bench was erected in 2019 in his memory and paid for by local subscription via a collection bin on the counter of the local Co-op. The installation was co-ordinated by James Tate who was Jim Robson’s next door neighbour. Hope this is enough.

What a lovely story. Thank you to my brother Colin and his friend Duncan Graham for bringing this lovely story to My Favourite Bench.

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  1. Excellent story Paul shows how local people can effect so many lives especially school children no matter their age. Wavey Jim will be remembered for a long time in those children’s memories as they grow up.

  2. What a lovely story and the first bench i have looked at his being my first visit here. Jim sounds to of been a friendly popular and caring guy

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