This is why I love My Favourite Bench

Today I would like to share with you a message I was sent from Tennyson in South Australia. It was passed to me as a message on Twitter by @erin28958473 a Bench Fan who’s Uncle Eddy wanted to share his story with us.

Over to you Eddy 😊

St Vincent’s Gulf, Tennyson

Hello Paul,
I was delighted to read your article on favourite benches in The People’s Friend.
I live in Tennyson, a coastal suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, overlooking St. Vincent’s Gulf.
Only last year I had a seat installed in a scenic spot that overlooks the Gulf and added a commemorative plaque for my parents who lived
in the Tennyson area for over 40 years.
I still live in the family home and when my great nieces and nephews visit they are the 5th generation connected with the house.
As you can see, the bench has become a gathering spot for family, pets included.
As the bench is West facing one is able to experience the most beautiful sunsets painting the horizon all year round.
I am so happy to be able to share our special spot with you.
Best Wishes,
Eddy Mc Donnell
South Australia 5022

When I received Eddys message it made me feel so good that @MyFaveBench gives us a forum to share such lovely family stories and just enjoy them for what they are. We all have different ways to remember and celebrate loved ones but Benches give us that added bonus of somewhere to sit in comfort and be happy with our memories.

Thank You Eddy and also Erin for passing on such a wonderful story 🙏

Bench Fans please feel free to pass on a message through the comments section.



  1. Such a lovely story. When Paul (my brother) told me about his plans I never thought it would go world wide like it has. Your story is an inspiration and I am sure that readers will think of you and your family sitting there and enjoying the lovely sunsets.
    Colin Giffiths

  2. Love your article in the dalesman and that we are going to get more each month on benches I love to read the plaque’s on them and enjoy a view that they loved Filey comes to mind , but there are so many.
    Regards John kell.

    1. Hi John
      Thank you for your kind comment. Getting a piece in the Dalesman was absolutely amazing and Jon the editor has embraced Benches since we first swapped tweets and emails. The good thing I find about Benches is that there’s no ‘negatives’ people just enjoy the views or the plaques or just taking a seat and watching the world go by. For information My Favourite Bench will be featured in the June edition of Yorkshire Life so I have been informed

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