Lovely Levisham with the backward facing Benches

During the COVID Pandemic the North York Moors Railway quite rightly closed some of its stations. Levisham is one of their closed stations and just to make sure everyone gets the message they have turned around all of their lovely benches to face the wrong way. I wonder how many times in the stations lifetime has it been closed for a Pandemic, none I should imagine.
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Steam trains are still passing through Levisham but are not stopping at the moment. Here we can see the ‘optimist’ chuffing it’s way from Pickering to Whitby.

looking back towards Pickering.
Groups of volunteer engineers walking and fixing the track to keep us all safe

Driving down into Levisham was no easy drive with only a single track road for most of the journey but if we hadn’t drove down the very steep hill we would never have found the secret Bench of Allan and Rita Grantham. In fact we did miss it on the way down but as we left the station on our return my wife Suddenly said to me ‘ is that a Bench right up there on the moor. I was trying to concentrate on not driving the car off the road But I suddenly found myself focused on the Brown dot nestled in all the Green. That’s today’s picnic bench I said and duly parked up on the lush green road Side.

The station was opened in 1836

A perfect picnic bench

if you ever visit Levisham and you come by train, Allan and Rita’s bench is approx 1/4 mile outside of the station. Turn right out of the station and climb up a short gradient and just keep in walking. Keep your eyes up on the moor in front of you and you can’t miss it, snuggled in amongst the Fern and Heather. It’s great for picnics.

Picnic Time

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