Hartlepool Headland

A lovely place to spend a day.

St Hilda’s Church Dominates the Headland of Hartlepool

When the sunshines hits the multi-coloured houses of the Hartlepool Headland It makes me want to grab my camera and snap photo’s til i run out of battery.  The people are very friendly and all are proud of their little peninsular of magnesium limestone that holds so much history.

Along with beautiful coloured Seafront houses the Headland also the home of the Heugh Battery Museum. The Museum boasts a comprehensive and unique collection of Military and Social artifacts from both World War 1 and World War 2, with many from item from the local area and some from the battlefields of Europe. If anyone is interested in visiting the Museum, you can find details of opening times and entrance fee’s  at www.heughbatter.co.uk. Telephone 01429 270746.

Photos care of the Heugh Battery website and Facebook page
Be Prepared

St Hilda’s Church

St Hilda’s Church is a prominent feature of the Hartlepool Headland, St Hilda’s church was built in the late twelfth century but the south doorway shows in its decoration that it belonged to an earlier Norman church, probably erected in the time of Robert de Brus II, founder of Guisborough Priory. Like most ancient churches, St Hilda’s contains architecture of different periods and styles but the nave and tower are the oldest sections There was a monastery, founded by St Aidan, on the Headland as early as AD 640. The first abbess was St Bega. In 648 she was succeeded by St Hilda. Hilda remained here for ten years and then proceeded to Whitby, where she died in 680. The Hartlepool monastery was destroyed by Danish raiders in about 800. Further information on St Hilda’s can be found on St Hilda’s  website at http://www.hartlepool-sthilda.org.uk


Every town has its characters but Hartlepool Headland has a famous lad who was in the Morning paper every day and is still in there today. No its not my Dad, Colin who is seen here on the left and is the Grand old age of 91 I am talking about Andy Capp.

One of the many great Andy Capp strips

Where do you start about Andy Capp……. Andy is part of an English comic strip created by Hartlepool Cartoonist Reg Smythe, Andy Capp can be seen in the Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror newspapersand has been since 1957. Andy is seen as a Northern working-class figure but in reality I don’t think he worked a day in his life. Andy’s hobbies include Pigeon Racing, Darts and of course Snooker ( his cue is called Delilah) and of course he loves his Football. Thinking of it, I think Andy loves anything that can bet bet upon or watched whilst sitting in a pub. If you want to know more about Andy Capp or Reg Smythe you can check out Wikipedia which has plenty of further information and anitcs of Hartlepool’s very  own cheeky chap.

Sunset on the Headland
Sunset is a magical time on the Headland
Fame for all the wrong reasons
I’ve never seen anyone sit on this Bench. So that what I do every time I pass

If you would like to visit Hartlepool Headland its so simple:-

Nearest train station is Hartlepool and then a ¬£3-4 taxi ride to St Hild’s. If you coming by car you are best coming off the A19 at the Hart Turn off (A179) and just follow the road straight on down to the headland.

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The wording and some of the photo’s have come from both the St Hilda’s and the Heugh Battery Museum websites. Many Thanks




  1. I have visited Hartlepool headland twice as I think this is such a beautiful place it just has to be done whenever I can,i live in Hertfordshire and it is really worth the journey.

    1. So glad you liked your visit to The Headland Chris, I have been taking photographs down there for a few years now and the landscape changes so much with the weather. My best time is when the wind is blowing from the North and the waves are crashing against the Heugh breakwater, the energy is just breathtaking.
      Thank you for your comments I really do appreciate it.

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