Corfu at Sunrise

In my opinion there’s nothing better than a good Sunrise so this morning i got up early to find a bench and watch the sunrise over the bay of Corfu Town. Finding a bench was not a problem as Corfu town has thousands of them scattered across the town.

Corfu has always played a significant role in Mediterranean history due to its position at the mouth of the Adriatic Sea and as i sat and looked out to sea i started thinking who else had passed through the channel before the cruise ship Fantasia this morning.

When you look at the buildings in the town you can see that there’s been plenty of diverse influences including the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and of course the normal culprits the French and British. Their presence in history has left a multi-layered historical and cultural heritage that is evident as you walk around the city today.
My four day visit has left me wanting to visit Corfu for a longer duration even if it’s just to hunt out more glorious Bench views.

I shall return………

A local Bench getting a warm in the early morning Corfu Sunshine
Cruise ship Fantasia slowly enters the town on its way from Bari in Italy.
David and Goliath

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