My Favourite Bench was born well before Twitter and my Website was up and running. I had the idea eating away at me for maybe 20 years before I finally done something about it. The family would travel the Yorkshire Dales year after year with me saying ‘Look at that view… Look at that Bench’….. Yeh Yeh Yeh Dad would be the reply.

A Bench we loved to visit was in Hawes in upper Wensleydale, not only did it have really good views across the dales but it was also just up the road from the Fish & Chip shop so very handy for us all to sit down and enjoy our lunch.

With the birth of Twitter in our household came the opportunity for me to finally do something with my dusty idea. I picked my sons brains on how to play this wizardry but they obviously it wasn’t cool for them to be on the social media platform as dad..

After finally signing up for Twitter I set them a challenge that dad would have more followers then them which was met with the usual rolling eyes. Today I have over 10,000 Followers and I’m having a ball. The site maybe time consuming but I get such a buzz from seeing benches from all around the world. I also get to correspond with some amazing photographers who help me out with some stunners.

If you have not followed me on Twitter, please hit that button and follow me at @MyFaveBench, We don’t do politics or pass a comment on controversial subjects we just concentrate on Benches and the view that they give us.

Paul x