My name is Paul Griffiths I am 55 years old and I am lucky to live in two beautiful places Hartlepool during the week and wonderful Thirsk on a weekend. I am married to Mrs G (Janet) and have 3 son’s Tom, Will and Joe. Tom lives in London and is a Lawyer, Will’s is a Scrub nurse in Great Ormond Street, London and last of all Joe who is studying Physics at Edinburgh University.

One thing that we all have in common is that we love travel. As a family we have recently embarked on trips to China. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Croatia Etc. Every trip is booked independantly, we never use a high street travel agent because I feel like I am not in control and in most cases the high street ends up costing a good chunk more. Another plus point of booking everything yourself is what you get for your money. In my opinion the standard of hotel or transportation is usually far better because you will have done your research.

Friends do ask me if I get worried about booking everything myself and the answer is most definately Yes but if you do your homework and check your paperwork you will not have a problem. Touchwood, my only problem has been when I booked through a travel agent.

Please check out my Facebook site of the same name (myfavouritebench.com) and Twitter (@myfavouriteben1) I hope to encourage people to share their views from their favourite Bench or one that they sat down on whilst out on a family picnic or on the other side of the world enjoying a well earned holiday.

Please enjoy