A wonderful weekend for Bench Tweets.

This weekend has been a bit of a milestone for My Favourite Bench. We have had a record amount of Benches posted but not only that, We passed the 8500 followers on Twitter which is just amazing.
Thank you all for your contributions xx


The weekend started off with this lovely Sunset upon Sutton Bank.

Mark Kent @Maanke65 Tweeted this blustery damp picture from the Brecon Beacons
One of two Bench pics taken by Theresa Shelley who I am really admiring as a photographer. You can also find Theresa on Twitter Redbubble if you would like to purchase some of her works.

The second of Theresa’s Bench pics from the weekend.

Danny Rulander Tweeted two lovely pics from Todd Crag in Ambleside. I think this was the calm before the storm.

This is Danny’s second photo… how about this for a Bench View

The Valley of Desolation at Bolton Abbey. This lovely pic was sent in by
Dave Bainbridge @BainbridgeD1

This picture sent in by Graham Hind and although it was taken on New Years Eve it just shows you how Benches can only add to a beautiful sunset.

Here’s a Bench pic that we all can’t wait for, a sunny, warm beautiful view of Lake Windermere. Mike Mathews Tweeted this lovely photograph of his wife enjoying the sunshine.

This Bench is normally a great Bench to sit on and admire Derwentwater but due to Storm Ciara it’s become a victim 🤣
Soon be dry.
Thank you to Ronnie Johnson for braving the elements to capture such a lovely pic.


  1. Hi, I love your bench pictures. I have a favorite bench up out back on my farm. When people come to visit we go to the bench for a “bench pic” I have over a thousand bench pics!! It’s called the blue bench project. Bench lovers unite!!

    1. That’s amazing Nina please stand me a couple of photos and I will put them on my site. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

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