30 seconds of fame


It all started when I was stood at the kitchen sink washing the pots after our tea. My mobile suddenly became posessed….. Ding, Bing and Ding again. To be honest I thought my new phone had decided it didn’t want to belong to me and had fried its self but no, apparently it was family and Bench Fans telling me that I had just been on the quiz programme ‘house of games’ on BBC2. I contacted my son who soon found a way of getting me a copy of my 30 seconds of fame and of course just in case you missed it I have attached it below.

This year has be such a buzz for My Favourite Bench, We have been in nearly every morning paper, we have been interviewed by BBC Radio stations and then to top it off, we had an article published in ‘Peoples Friend’ which was a very good way to finish off a wonderful spell of media support.

Long may it continue ………………

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